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Dev Zoomin! 

Welcome back, everyone! This is a small update here for you all once again we have been super focused on getting some kinks in our systems sorted out so there is a little less this week to show. However, we still have some sick stuff to talk about!


Firstly one of our programmers thought it best to get ahead on the localization of languages for the game, this is so we don't bake everything into English and have to go through all our texts changing it later on, we have been ideating ways to maybe export the texts needed into a google sheet, giving that to translators, then adding the google sheet back in and connecting that with a Ui dropdown for all the various languages we are going to add!While creating our white box level we encountered a very strange head bob bug that made our character camera go flying, it took several hours to find the root cause only to realise it was the simplest fix ever!

One of the main center points of the game is the guns, so we are starting early implementation with Inverse kinematics animation support for gun shooting, this would basically allow us to have arms that actually hold the guns like in most boomer shooter games!

Finally, when creating the white box level, we found a couple of bugs with the turret that hadn't been discovered since we haven't play-tested it yet, these were things like locking on behind walls meaning that as soon as you enter the room the turret would lock and kill you, and a small rotation issue with the turret aiming way too far up or down, all of this testing took up a lot of development time for the past two weeks but hopeful now the turret is bug-free.


We've made and added a bullet trail effect. We have finalised the shotgun model. We've been working on the concepts for the main character and how we want the arms to look in 1st person view. Figured out some stuff with our texturing workflow (so we can finally start texturing properly, you can see some of the results in our previous dev blog) and finally started the implementation of our gun animations with the shooting system and they are looking really good!

We have started work on the white box levels design this is just so that we have a place where we can show and test out features for a playable alpha-like level. We've done some more concept art for weapon and enemy design. Started work on the VFX for the muzzle flash of guns which means that the gunplay is nearly gameplay-read.

Cool enemy designs

We've got some exciting art stuff coming soon so make sure to stay tuned and follow us on Twitter for sneak peeks!

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