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DevBlog 5:Guns and Glory

Welcome to the 5th dev blog of Project Octane, on the tech side, it has been slow in terms of working on back-end systems that players never really pay attention to, such as the translation system, but for the art side, we have made a lot of progress recently. We are still struggling to come up with a name and any ideas from you would be greatly appreciated just @ us on Twitter!


The two main things that have been developed in the past two weeks are a translation system and the new drone enemy.

Translation System:

With the translation system, we have been working on exporting all the baked English text into a Google sheet, which we can then give to translators who can fill out the correct phrases in various languages hopefully allowing us to reach a wider audience for our game.

Drone Enemy:

Now that animations for the drone enemy are being developed we were able to implement them into the different states, such as front thrusting, and a hover-like movement, this also allowed me to finally work on the laser shooting now that I had an animation. At the end of the two weeks, 90% of all the drone behaviour was completed!


We have started the rail gun and shotgun player animations animations, modelled and textured the railgun and textured shotgun, and modelled more weapons 💨. We Improved the alpha map to make it more interesting and better for the enemy types and the player's movement, giving them multiple options that lead to the same outcome, this overall has helped us think about how we want to layout our actual level. 

Check out the shotgun and railgun textures !

We’ve worked on a new colour pallet for the boomerang brand. We have been working on the animations for the drone making sure that it is all smooth when in the engine and plays nice when attacking the player.

Started work on the VFX for the drone laser, continued to work on a new colour scheme and logo design, and finished animations for the shotgun and railgun. Began work on the humanoid enemy rig this will be used for multiple types of enemies so we must be flexible, and continue work on the alpha level.

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