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DevBlog 6:Full Speed Ahead

Welcome back to the 6th dev blog of Project Octane. We’ve been having a productive couple of weeks, with some new artists, we are now finally approaching finishing our alpha level after a few delays and roadblocks. This also means for the next couple of devblogs we should have quite a bit to share with you whether it's mechanical or art, have a look at what we've been doing!


Due to some in-house difficulties, the progress on our gun systems was halted for some time, but finally, we have made some progress, this means mechanically we should be finishing the alpha level pretty soon, maybe even in the next devblog update!

Development of gun systems:

The gun systems have had a lot of work put into them in the past week and this is everything that has been implemented/reworked so far.

When holding our gun data/variables we decided to rework the system to go for a much more modular scriptable Object approach which basically means we can hold the data unique to each gun (gun ID, fire rate, bullet speed, range, etc) in a container which can be used throughout the project, whether it's for actually coding the logic of the gun itself, giving the enemies the gun data values or even using it in our pickup system to detect which gun ID is being used, this is a lot more user interface friendly and will save time with our game designers in the long run! 

Gun Pickups is now mechanically implemented in a really optimised system that can be used for any other interactable object making the code super modular. 

We also optimised and shrank the code used for shooting to make it more readable and easier to expand in the future. 

Finally, when shooting the gun it now plays the shooting animations. Animations like picking up, and throwing the guns will come in the next devblog so stay tuned!

Save System:

For the save system, we have made some progress on saving some important values to binary code and descrambling them during runtime to have persistent saved data that the player shouldn’t edit.


We have now taken up the challenge of making leaderboards for our game. We are thinking of having a main online speedrunning one built into the game and an offline one just for your own personal scores, you will definitely be getting more updates about this in the coming dev blogs!


For art, we have been working on a lot of different stuff both for finalising the alpha level and getting ready for the vertical slice of the 1st official level. We are now aiming to have the alpha done for the 20th of July with some gameplay footage to show soon after (bear in mind this is an alpha and there will be no environment design in the level, its sole purpose is for gameplay testing) Now let's get to the what we've been creating the past 2 weeks. 

We have been developing new enemy types, one of these is the suicide/bomb robot. It's been completely modelled and textured which you can see here. We have also been continuing to work on the big mech robot enemy, the model is almost done and we will soon move on to texturing it. We have been polishing the gun animations for the alpha level and began work on a grass shader system for the vertical slice level.

The alpha level is now also nearly complete, we’ve been playtesting it making sure that it's a good showcase of our enemies and movement systems . We have also been working on our branding update which you can now already see on our social accounts right now, and now that we have started work on our vertical slice level we have also started work on proper in-game UI elements such as gun sprites. Finally, we have some new concept art for our player characters, this is important for us as we can now start to think about incorporating this character into our marketing efforts.

Finally from the whole team at Boomerang Games thank you for your amazing support on Twitter(X)  make sure if you haven't you follow us there as we give regular updates and early insights on our development.

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