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Hello World!

Do you know what's better than guns…. robots, and guns, you know what's better than that, our development updates about our game with robots, guns AND EXPLOSIONS!!!

This is the first Development update from Boomerang Games!

Who are we? 

We are a team comprised of mainly young game developers (and Simon) based in Manchester and we are making a high-octane fps speed runner shooter, we are the partner studio to Slingshot Studios. 

What game are we making?

Currently Known as Project Octane in-house, our game is set in a post-modern future where AI-driven companies have become the majority, you must take down the largest arms conglomerate which produces the most advanced robotic weaponry. (You save the world from big scary robots). As the player, you can wallrun, dash, and slide all to traverse around the levels to kill as much as possible in as little time.

Where are we up to?

The game has only recently left the pre-production phase and the entire project development has been for 3 months. This and all future dev updates will cover the previous two weeks of development. This includes all aspects of making the game such as Mechanics, Art, Game Design, Concepts and Ideation. This is what we have been doing for the past 2 weeks:


The character controller updates such as dash implementation, wall running, and smoother slides. We have also ideated fluid movement for sliding which gains velocity and wall running on separated objects.The base enemy systems, such as a waypoint idle system, and consistent behaviours such as robot limb rotation and player detection, have also been implemented. We have also ideated many different types of enemies such as force field enemies and tanky types of enemies.The weapon systems are also beginning their fundamental implementation such as weapon pickups and different gun behaviours like bullet amount, spread, and general shooting behaviour.

Games Art:

Ideation on the texturing pipeline creating ways to create consistent texel density throughout different scaled models.

Created the base mesh for the beginner pistol in the game, using references from desert eagles and futuristic styles of weapons. We also ideated other weapon designs including, creating mood boards for weapons like the shotgun and the pistol.We also started the fundamentals of the modular factory assets for the starting level such as convey belts and walls. More environmental assets will be in the starter level such as a turret and a crane.

Game Design:

We ideated the game design behind aspects of the first level, we ideated things such as seamless gameplay that will be able to introduce the player to all the core mechanics of the game creating a solid fundamental base for the rest of the game to build off.

Other things we took into account in the game design was the creation of a satisfying experience while simultaneously being the right difficulty to challenge the player while teaching them the core mechanics of the gameplay.If ur interested in our game make sure to join the email list to keep introduced to all future changes, also follow us on all social media (which can be found on the website) to be able to give feedback and opinions on the direction of our game!

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