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Speeding up development!

Hi everyone, For the past two weeks we have been working towards a prototype level this level will be shown to our parent company in order to push a Steam page! This means that we would be able to gain wishlists and hopefully gain more popularity for our game, we will be continuing the prototype level for a couple of weeks after this until it's at a polished enough state to show our parent company. Since we are starting a Steam page we have been looking for a name for the project but cannot currently think of one if you think that you can come up with one that fits the game that would be very helpful!


Recently programming has been a bit all over the place, we currently have a decent character controller, fundamentals of the gun systems, and the prototype enemy created (the turret) this means that most of our mechanics for the prototype level have been created and only need polishing. So for the past two weeks, this is what we have done:

Character controller:

Although the fundamental systems and code for the character controller are finished we need the switch between all the states to be a lot smoother, we have been working to make the jump from the dash to the slide all feel very smooth like the mechanics are an extension of each other, rather than individual mechanics shoved together. 

Dropped/throwing guns:

We also started creating the dropping/throwing of guns, we decided to make it physics-based so the guns would fly and hit objects, and we decided that the key binds for this would be, Q to pick up the right-hand weapon, E to pick up left-hand weapon and then you double tap the respective weapon when its equipped to throw it. We went with this design as it felt the most intuitive to the player and took up the least amount of keys which is good because we still have to bind the dash slide and probably more gameplay mechanics in the future. Ideation of game modes:The final thing the programming team got to was an ideation phase for game modes because although we specifically want speedrunners to be enticed by our game we also want the game to look super nice not just functional this led to, immersion mode and speedrunning mode each level, you have to complete once in immersion mode to unlock its speed running mode. This would allow us to add all the cool-looking stuff (like timers in the environment rather than on the UI etc) without hindering speedrunners' experience.


We’ve introduced 2 new concept artists to the team and helped them get sorted out with all our documentation and briefed them on the game. We’ve worked on the humanoid enemy rig and started to work on foliage for the 1st environment.

Concept artists made some really cool concepts for characters. That you can see here.

We have modelled and animated one of the concepts

And continued work on the player model/rig.

We've had a meeting with our music producer to see where we are up to and discuss the game and made some good progress on the direction we want the music's style for the game to go.

The shotgun model has been finished which you can see here. As well as textures for the pistol. We've started using substance painter to texture our assets that you can see here !

We've made some more foliage and started work on the muzzle effect for guns.

Continued work on environmental concept art.

Thanks for reading , and make sure that you follow us on twitter for more updates !

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