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Starting the fundamentals :D

Hello, Welcome back. Glad to see you stuck around for Devlog two! These past weeks have been mainly dipping our toes into the development of Project Octane our fast-paced boomer shooter. Recently, we have decided to start taking on more 2D artists, this means we have more freedom to create concept art, marketing material, and actual in-game, assets. We are thinking of making the robot arms company a secret branch to a much larger monopolistic cooperation that feeds off the general population, a lot like “Buy n Large (BnL)” from Wall-E. But with a humourous tone like heart attack pills next to a Coke advert from the same corporation. 

We have recently come back from a break so many of us were still in holiday mode so the last two weeks have been just a bit slower. 


With programming, we are just starting with more fundamental systems and making the overall gameplay that we have feel more polished, this will allow us to create a vertical slice to a higher standard if we ever need to show it off to potential publishers/audiences. 

Making the character controller feel more smooth, fluid, and better overall to play.  

Worked On UI implementation such as a settings menu and general pause menu functionality.  

Enemy state machine implementation -  chase and idle state of enemies fully programmed for waypoints and chasing the player.

State Switching functionality -  switching between each state based on player detection and distance checks for being in an attack radius.

Worked on gun scene setup, setting up the gun types and adding in all their values.

Bug-fixing gun behaviours such as detecting inputs and shooting multiple bullets at once! 


For art, we have been slowly working on building up the list of environmental assets that we have made for the first level. We have also started to work on more gun models taking feedback and refining models. 

For art we have been doing a bit of organising and experimenting, we've sorted out all the assets into proper folders. We have been working on our animation system and learning the unity IK system for animating the player, enemies, and guns. Also experimented with a laser shader for the turret. We've made more progress on the shotgun model.

Then we have welcomed a couple of new 2D artists that are going to be doing concept art and UI art, to accommodate this we are making a list of 2D art that needs doing with links to reference like mood boards and written descriptions.

These are some of the weapon models that will feature in the game!

For more Updates make sure you follow us on Twitter and YouTube!

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